How much money do I take home from each booking?

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Standard Massage Bookings

For standard bookings (e.g. in-home, table massages), it depends on which tier your account is.


For example, if you're on the highest tier (Diamond), you would receive 75% of the booking price (what the client pays), where 25% is the amount you pay to Blys as a platform fee to cover the cost of marketing, bookings, technology & development, customer support, insurance, and other services and benefits we provide to you as part of our agreement.

Please see the table below for a detailed summary.

Please also see How do tiered accounts work? to read about tiered accounts.

You may earn additional fees for hotel & service apartment bookings, during peak times, if there's no free parking available, and on public holidays when the demand for the service providers is at its highest. These surcharges will be added to the client booking price.



New Zealand


United States


United Kingdom


Hotels & serviced apartments
+$30 per service provider
+$30 per service provider
+$30 per service provider
+£12 per service provider
Public Holidays
+10% per service provider
+10% per service provider
+10% per service provider
+10% per service provider
"No parking" or "Street parking" (metered)
+$20 per service provider
+$20 per service provider
+$20 per service provider
+£8 per service provider
+$20 per service provider
+$20 per service provider
+$20 per service provider
+£8 per service provider
*6 AM to 8 AM 
+$20 per service provider
+$20 per service provider
+$20 per service provider
+£8 per service provider
*6 PM to 9 PM
+$20 per service provider
+$20 per service provider
+$20 per service provider
+£8 per service provider
*9 PM to 12 AM
+$40 per service provider
+$40 per service provider
+$40 per service provider
+£ per service provider

*Peak hours

These tables show how much you will take home after paying Blys the platform fee for a standard 60min Swedish Relaxation treatment at home.

Australia, New Zealand, and the United States

United Kingdom

Corporate / Group Massage Bookings

Earnings on corporate / group chair and roving bookings may differ depending on the length of the booking, the total number of providers booked, and the client's budget.

ALL corporate bookings come with free parking as we understand these are often in the city CBD and free parking can be difficult to find.

Pricing for corporate and group bookings are paid at a slightly lower rate than standard in-home bookings. There are two reasons for this:
  1. Unlike the self-serve nature of in-home bookings made through the Blys app or directly on the Blys website, the management of corporate and group bookings requires many hours of emails and calls with the clients to finalise the booking details. We have a team dedicated to this full-time to ensure we’re able to win these bookings for you.
  2. As corporate and group bookings are often longer than standard in-home bookings we offer a discounted corporate rate to ensure Blys' pricing remains competitive against other organisations while giving you the opportunity to earn more over one booking.

Provider earnings (take-home rates) for corporate bookings:

Australia and New Zealand

HoursProvider Total EarningsProvider Average Earnings per Hour

United States and United Kingdom

Coming soon...

On the other hand, earnings on corporate / group table bookings are calculated based on which tier your account is. Please refer to the table found on Standard Massage Bookings or visit How does tiered accounts work?



Standard Beauty Bookings

Please see below a selection of treatments & their rates. This is not the full list of treatments however we hope this will give you a good idea as to what the rates look like for some of the more popular treatments.

How peak / off-peak works:

  • Off-peak rate: when no surcharges are applicable - e.g. an at-home treatment, on a Tuesday, at 11 am.
  • Peak rate: when all surcharges are added (weekend surcharge + after-hours surcharge + hotel surcharge + public holiday) - e.g. an in-room hotel treatment, on the weekend, after 6 pm on a public holiday.

How tiers work:

Australia and New Zealand

Tier 1 (Silver)Tier 2 (Gold)Tier 3 (Platinum)Tier 4 (Diamond)

Facial - Standard 60min Treatment$90$125$92$127$94$131$97$134
Nails - Classic Mani & Pedi$90$125$92$127$94$131$97$134
Lashes - Single Lash Extension - Full Set
Waxing - 60min Full Wax
Spray Tan - Standard 30min Tan$55
Hair - Stylist Cut & Blowdry
Makeup - Glam / Event$139$174$141$177$145$182$149$187
Hair & Makeup Package - Glam$209
Teeth Whitening - 60min Signature Treatment

United States and United Kingdom

Coming soon...

Corporate Beauty Bookings

Australia and New Zealand 

Provider Total Earnings
Provider Average Earnings per Hour

Payout Summary

The payout summary will show how much possible earnings you will receive on a booking as per the example screenshot below. 

This would mean the price of the booking that you will receive may vary depending on when you confirm the appointment will start. For example, if the booking is between 2:00 PM and 11:59 PM and you accepted the booking to start outside after hours which is before 6:00 PM, the payment for the booking will be lesser.  

Additional notes:

  • The price you see on your Blys Pro app is the net total amount you'll receive for completing that job.
  • Please note, as the owner of your own mobile practice, you're solely responsible for tax, super, work cover (if applicable), and other obligations under the local law that may be related to your business. Please see Do I Declare The Money I Make Through Blys? for more details.

If you have any questions about pricing or payments or would like to share your feedback or ideas with us, please reach out to our team at, we'd love to hear from you.

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