How do the payments work? How and when do I get paid?

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How do the payments work? 

All payments are facilitated securely by Blys;

  • Clients pay for the service they receive from professionals securely via the Blys platform.
  • Blys then transfers these payments to professionals (aka "payouts"), minus the Blys platform license fee.

Unless otherwise stated, the amount you see in your Blys Pro app before you accept a booking includes;

  • The service / treatment itself,
  • Costs of getting to & from the client's location (e.g. travel and parking),
  • Professional equipment (e.g. for a massage that would be a professional massage table, fresh towels, massage oils, music),
  • Tax (GST, VAT..etc. if applicable) and other expenses related to your business.
    • Note that, as the owner of your own business, you are solely responsible for your tax, superannuation, work cover, and any other fees that may be related to your business.

Service providers earn additional amount (per provider) for hotel bookings; bookings that start after 6pm and before 8am, on the weekends, and public holidays.

Payments are made in lump sums as a single weekly transaction directly to your nominated bank account and cover all bookings you have completed in the past week, from Monday to Sunday, as well as any bookings that may have accrued a cancellation fee as a result of you or the client cancelling a confirmed booking.

In case you will be changing your bank account details, please do it before the cutoff which is every Monday at 3am. You can update it by logging in to our website: How do I add / update my bank or my business details?

Blys is not responsible for delays or issues in payments as a result of incorrect bank details in your provider account. It's your responsibility to ensure that you have the correct bank account details.

You can see a list of your completed bookings & the amount transferred in the ‘Earnings’ section of your Blys Pro App.

You can also filter your payout by clicking on the highlighted section in the image below:


When do I get paid?

Blys processes provider payouts every Monday

Depending on which bank you have an account with, your money typically arrives in your bank account within 2 business days (e.g. by the end of Wednesday) after Blys processes your payout.

  • There may be delays with transfers during bank holidays - e.g. on Christmas Day when banks don't process payments.
  • Your first payout might take longer than usual due to your bank's account verification process.
  • Payouts are processed immediately after the payment is collected from the client. Majority of client payments are collected in full and upfront when you accept a booking, however for some business / corporate clients like aged care, the clients can only make the payment after the service is provided (often due to government regulatory and compliance requirements which restricts them from making payments in advance of service delivery). Your payout will be scheduled once Blys receives the payment from the client which typically happens within 5 business days after the completion of the service / booking. Your payout will be in “Pending client payment” status until then (See below table for Understanding your payout status). Rest assured that Blys sends reminders to clients to settle their payment within the agreed payment terms & duration and ensures all payouts are processed in a timely manner.

Australia & New Zealand

Payouts typically arrive in your account within 2 business days after Blys initiates the payout on Monday.

United States

Payouts typically arrive in your account within 2 business days after Blys initiates the payout on Monday. Though with some specific banks, Stripe supports instant payout options too, however, it takes at least a day to process the payout.

United Kingdom

Currently, the standard processing time is up to 7 business days after Blys initiates the weekly payout every Monday. Therefore, you can usually expect the payout to arrive in your bank by the following Wednesday. We're looking to improve this payout time for our UK providers soon.

Understanding your payout status

Pending client payment

The booking has been accepted by you and Blys has sent an invoice to or contacted the client for payment. Your payout will be scheduled once the payment has been collected by Blys from the client.


The client’s payment for their invoice has already passed the deadline. Blys proactively sends reminder emails to client to complete their payment in order to collect payments from clients and process your payout as quickly as possible.

Payout scheduled

The client has already settled their invoice/payment. Blys will initiate scheduling your payout.

Payout in transit

Your payout has already been initiated and is currently in transit to your bank account. 

Payout successful

Your payout has been successfully transferred to your account.

If you have any questions about payments, please send an email to our Payments Team at

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