What safety procedures & advice does Blys have for providers?

Modified on Mon, 30 Jan 2023 at 03:14 PM

If you ever feel unsafe before, during, or after an appointment, or think the client location is not safe for you to provide your service when you arrive, you can and should simply leave and report it to our Customer Support team. Don't worry, you will still get paid as your income is safely secured with Blys - you’re not required by Blys to stay and provide your service. Your safety and peace of mind are the most important to us.

If you are in imminent danger or distress, call your local police immediately. Otherwise, contact Blys, we will respond within 4 hours with next steps.


The safety of providers using the Blys platform is our number one priority. That’s why we have a rigorous screening and monitoring process in place.


  1. All Blys clients must register a valid email, mobile number and credit card before they can make a booking request. These details are verified by Blys before we allow clients to make a booking.

  2. Before placing a booking for the first time all clients must confirm that they agree to the Blys client Terms of Use

    1. The Terms of Use clearly communicate the standards in which clients must adhere. This includes our zero-tolerance policy for both clients and providers that make inappropriate comments about someone's appearance, perceived gender identity, sexual orientation or any unrelated jokes, banter or personal questions or inappropriate gestures including inappropriate touching, nudity or disrobing. 

    2. This information is shared both in the platform and over email upon registering an account with Blys.

    3. Clients are also required to agree to the safety disclaimer regarding wearing underwear and zero tolerance for sexual gestures:

  1. Blys has a cutting-edge location tracking feature and we give providers a check-in / check-out system in their Blys Pro app so we know they've safely completed their appointment.

  2. Blys contacts providers if they haven't checked out of an appointment within 40 minutes of estimated appointment end time.

  3. Providers can rate, review and block their clients after each appointment. You will never be matched with a blocked client ever again. Blys monitors these ratings, reviews and blocked clients in real time and act on them immediately where necessary.

  4. Blys has technology in place to block any client booking containing inappropriate requests, special instructions or location notes. The platform immediately declines this booking so providers are not notified, and suspends the client account permanently to ensure no future bookings can be made under that account.

  5. Blys has a "Zero Tolerance" policy for inappropriate conduct. Any client that doesn’t comply with our client terms and guidelines, or have been flagged by a provider for inappropriate behaviour, is removed from our platform immediately and permanently. We have a unique technology in place to prevent the same client from creating another account, they are out for good.

  6. Blys has a dedicated Trust & Safety Team consisting of ex-members of the police force and expert investigation officers who monitor and manage all safety matters 24/7. Our team responds to all safety matters within 24 hours.

  7. Blys works closely with the health commissioner and local police on safety related matters to ensure a proper investigation and legal process has taken place and others in our community are safe from similar behaviour in future.

  8. Blys offers providers who have reported to be a victim of such conduct, with access to support services.

  9. Our helpline is available 7 days from 8am - 8pm via email, phone, live chat or SMS, if you need any assistance or have questions. We’re one call or email away.

  10. NEVER share your contact details with clients and always use the chat feature in your Blys app or communicate via Blys customer service. If a client contacts you privately, Blys has no way of knowing what happened and won't be able to assist. You’ll be risking your own privacy and safety.

We're proud of the community we have created over the years and continue to innovate & invest in measures to keep our community safe for everyone. If you have any feedback or suggestions as to how we can improve our safety measures, please email our Trust & Safety Team at safety@getblys.com.

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