What happens if a client leaves a bad rating or review?

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Our approach

In the unlikely event that you received a sub-par rating (3 or below) or a negative review from your client – we take this constructive approach:

1) Contact therapist / professional

It’s important for us to form an objective view and promote fairness in our community – so we first get in touch with the therapist / professional to share their client's feedback and to get some details about the appointment, to hear their side of the story.

Some of the questions we may ask are – how the appointment went if they’ve observed any specific issue that may have resulted in the customer giving a sub-par rating.

2) Contact client

We then reach out to your client to better understand their rationale for their rating and address their issue/ concern as best as we can. We also share your side of events with your client.

3) Finalise process

Based on the information we gather from both parties, we then make a final decision to resolve the dispute in the best possible way possible.

What happens if I get a bad review?

Having one bad rating does not make you incompetent. In fact, we truly believe every genuine feedback (particularly negative ones) is a blessing that helps us become better at what we do. To ensure the highest level of professional standards on our platform, we have 3 levels of action in place:

  • Level 1 = we consult with the therapist and work together to address the issue/ concern - e.g. sharing tips from the top therapists. We may or may not go through the onboarding process again.

  • Level 2 = we go through the onboarding process again, to ensure Blys and the therapist are aligned in terms of our values, terms and community guidelines.

  • Level 3 = contract termination & removal from platform

Depending on the severity of the incident and in our absolute discretion, Blys decides which action to take on a case-by-case basis. We may permanently suspend your account and access to our platform if we deem that is the right thing to do.

How does my reputation affect my business?

Our system prioritises therapists with a better reputation on Blys platform. For example, say we received a job request from Clovelly. If we have 2 therapists available in Clovelly, one with an average rating of 4.9 and the other with 4.6, our system notifies the therapist with the better rating first. If the therapist with a better rating does not accept the job within the given time, the system then notifies the other therapist.

This system ensures therapists with better reputations are rewarded for their hard work and the quality of services they provide to their clients.

Can I/ you remove a review?

Ratings & reviews are integral to the integrity of our community which is built on trust and transparency - therefore, ratings & reviews cannot be removed or changed.

However, if the review breaches our Terms, community guidelines, or the law, Blys does reserve the right to remove or edit the review that was left by the client or therapist.

Here are when we may remove a rating or a review:

  • The review contains language that is accusatory and likely to be viewed as inflammatory, includes defamatory statements, or otherwise violates our Terms or applicable laws,
  • The review contains violent or coarse language,
  • The review is discriminatory in any shape or form - e.g. based on ethnic or religious background, sexual orientation, or political views,
  • The review violates your privacy by making your private information publicly available without your consent,

Please note the "Rating" displayed on your therapist profile page is an average of your last 50 ratings - which means you have the opportunity to improve your rating over time by consistently getting good ratings from your future clients.

Should you require assistance with a review, please email the Practitioner Support Team at hello@getblys.com.au

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